If you would like to know more about the activities of our Commission, if you would like to join the Commission or even actively participate in our work, please contact us. The development of a well-structured, comprehensive and well-functioning economic law agreement is an art form that we are trying to improve by sharing the in-depth experience of each member of the Commission. The student begins the process by creating a learning agreement in the OLA system and signing it online. Be sure to give your students the right name and email address for the person in charge of your institution (responsible for signing the apprenticeship agreement). Ner debt er gjort vile du f` overferrt de siste 30% av stipendet. Fer spersmetl om fag og godkjenning, ta kontakt med ditt fakultet. IIUM welcomes all international students who participate in our student exchange program in Malaysia. List of mobility programmes We look at these topics at the UIA congress meetings and at various seminars organised by our Commission, either alone or with other UIA committees. We measure our success in these activities in the face of the growing number of participants who want to learn more about international contract law and the positive feedback we receive from participants. The Contract Law Commission uses concrete examples from our practices as part of our practical and practical approach to contract law. Abstract discussions are not for us! Only in this way will the members of our Commission be able to benefit from our meetings, meetings and documents. The sending institution (the person in charge listed by the student) automatically receives an email from dashboard@uni-foundation.eu with a link to sign it online. All you need to sign the OLA is a computer and normal pointers/mouse.

You use the mouse to „draw“ your signature in the field called „Sign OLA.“ You should ensure that the signature covers most of the signature field, otherwise it may not be accepted by the system. Then click „Validate.“ Make sure you sign your OLA. It is only when you have signed it that the coordinator of your home university will be able to sign it. The signature field works best on the touch screen, but you can also sign your OLA with a normal computer and pointer/mouse. Your home university will then receive your OLA via email from the Erasmus dashboard. (a) Must be a full-time student of a recognized foreign university, public or private b) The application must be submitted through the university c) Students must comply with IIUM rules and rules, including the dress code (d) to be liable for the costs incurred by the Contracts Commission, which includes legal and practical matters related to the development, negotiation, execution and execution of all types of business law contracts. Skal du pé utveksling med barn unter 18 er fer du ekstra stipend p 200 pr.