Virgin Media has signed a five-year contract to broadcast BSkyB`s TELEVISION channels – but once again it has failed to reach an agreement to offer Sky Atlantic, home to big name shows like Game of Thrones. In November 2014, Virgin Media agreed to sell its ADSL business to TalkTalk Group, allowing it to focus on its cable broadband offering. [38] Virgin began transferring customers to TalkTalk in February 2015. [39] The new agreement builds on the strong relationship between Sky and Virgin Media and allows Sky to continue to extend the reach and connection to Sky channels. The long-term nature of the contract gives each company clear financial visibility and opens up the opportunity for more Virgin TV customers to take advantage of Sky`s channels. With 23.7 million customers in seven countries, Sky is the leading media and entertainment company in Europe and proud to be part of the Comcast Group. In July 2007, Virgin Group secured 37% of its interest in Virgin Media for $224 million through a credit agreement with Credit Suisse, a transaction that allowed it to retain voting and dividend rights. Virgin Group had the opportunity to buy back the 12.8m Virgin Media shares it had mortgaged after two years, but decided not to do so in May 2009. The funds were then used by Virgin Group to invest in other sectors of its business, such as Virgin Green Fund, launched in September 2007, Virgin America and Virgin Mobile India. [101] In December 2009, Sir Richard Branson held Virgin Entertainment Investment Holdings Limited a minority interest of 21,413,099 common shares of Virgin Media, making it the third largest shareholder. Virgin Media kicked off in February 2007 with a public relations event and an expensive advertising campaign for major British television channels, newspapers and billboards.

Actress Uma Thurman, comedian Ruby Wax and actor Samuel L. Jackson, Marc Warren and David Tennant were shown on television. Virgin Media and Sky failed to reach agreement on this issue and Sky responded with a letter to the public in major British newspapers on 28 February 2007. [Quote needed] Despite Sky`s letter, Virgin Media accused Sky of bullying them and encouraging consumers to change. Businesses were unable to resolve their disputes and after midnight on 1 March 2007, Virgin Media replaced the content of Sky 1, Sky 2, Sky Travel, Sky Travel Extra, Sky Sports News and Sky News with a standard message. Sky attributed part of the interest rate increase to the fact that the new deal would include Sky 3, Sky Arts and undisclosed high-definition and video-on-demand content. Sky said the deal would cost only 3p per customer per day (about $35,000,000 a year), but Virgin said a minimum payment guarantee included in the contract meant that the amount actually owed would exceed double the current payment. [25] We currently host Sky Sports, Sky Cinema, MUTV, Racing UK, Playboy, Television X and Zee TV, but if there is a premium channel that we don`t currently have, we`d be happy to hear your suggestions.

Just let us know on social media and we`ll see what we can do! Why can`t they have Sky Atlantic for virgin TV customers, it would be nice if they could, but I can`t see that happening one day. On August 15, 2011, Virgin Media agreed to sell its 50% stake in UKTV to Scripps Networks Interactive for $339 million. Scripps paid US$239 million in cash and approximately $100 million to acquire the preferred shares and unpaid debts that USTV owed to Virgin Media. [98] The closing of the transaction was subject to regulatory approvals in Ireland and Jersey received on October 3, 2011. [99] As part of the transaction, Scripps Networks Interactive and BBC Worldwide are negotiating an agreement whereby BBC Worldwide, after the agreement on a combination of liquidity and a digital rights package for UKTV, would have the opportunity to increase their stake from 50% to 60% maximum.