Pronunciation: p ER s ee Origin: GreekMeaning: rockFamous Namesakes: poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, Percy Jackson (played by Logan Lerman), R&B singer Percy SledgeGeneral Overview: your young ones will know him best as the green train in Thomas the Tank Engine. vikings), also someone from Normandy in FranceFamous Namesakes: actor Norman Reedus, writer Norman Mailer, artist Norman RockwellGeneral Overview: As well as starring in The Walking Dead, Norman Reedus has had children with model Helena Christensen and actress Diane Kruger, so that should raise the cool stakes of his name. A deeply meaningful old fashioned name can significantly influence a boy’s personality. Vintage Baby Baby Names. You want to make it perfect; so you’re left with a lot of overwhelming decisions like what color should his room be painted with, where to get a decent rock-n-roll, items of clothing and lots more. Noted as a popular Old English family … Hilton. Those timeless names we could always count on are back. Pronunciation: d UH d l eeOrigin: EnglishMeaning: woodsFamous Namesakes: actor Dudley Moore, cartoon character Dudley Do-Right, Australian composer Dudley SimpsonGeneral Overview: Shortened to Dud, it doesn't sound very good. Pronunciation: R OH l uh n d Origin: GermanMeaning: famous throughout the landFamous Namesakes: Tears for Fears singer Roland Orzabal, American journalist Roland Martin, director Roland EmmerichGeneral Overview: The Viking sounding name can be shortened to Rollie or Rollo. Eugene means ‘well born’. We wanted to give you guys a more extensive list of baby boy name with meanings, cause we all love a name with a rocking meaning, right? Others may consider vintage names that were once popular 50 years ago like Russell or Elvis. Ernest from from the Germanic name and means ‘serious’. Pronunciation: mur ree Origin: ScottishMeaning: settlement by the seaFamous Namesakes: The Wiggles' Murray Cook, band manager character Murray on The Flight of the Conchords and the dog Murray on Mad About YouGeneral Overview: Although, like Douglas, it's a good Scottish name, you can be patriotic and name your child after the mighty River Murray. Notably, most names out there today like Breylon, Jermajesty, etc do not have a history or meaning to be associated with it. Laurence. Langston. Hello, we already have a Mary and love it because it is old-fashioned but not in the top 100 baby names at the mo. Have you signed up for a birthing … Pronunciation: WEEL bar Origin: GermanMeaning: TrustedFamous Namesakes: Wilbur Wright, half of the famous Wright brothers (the other half was Orville) who invented the airplane.General Overview: It's hard to say the name Wilbur without thinking of the way talking horse Mister Ed said it in the old TV show, but Wilbur is also the name of the pig in Charlotte's Web. You do not want your new baby boy bearing the exact name with several other kids in the neighborhood, school, church or other places. In the spirit of old-timey days, Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe (my Goldendoodle sidekick) and I have compiled a mega list of 101 old-fashioned human names for your dog. Benedict. Origin: English Originally Latin, meaning “working”, “thriving” or “industrious”. Expecting a new baby boy to the family can really be excruciating – mesmerizing. Old Fashioned Names for Boys Vintage baby names are all the rage these days, for both boys and girls. Pronunciation: s IH d n ee Origin: FrenchMeaning: wide island in a river, a name for Saint Denis Famous Namesakes: Actor Sidney Poitier, director Sidney Lumet, writer Sidney Sheldon, hockey player Sidney CrosbyGeneral Overview: A unisex name that can be shortened to Sid, though the girls' name is often spelt Sydney, like the city. But today we’re noticing a return of the classics. See our List of Unusual Names and Meanings. If you aren’t quite ready to jump on the vintage baby name wagon as a first name these timeless baby boy names still make great middle names as well. Clark. When you know the meaning of a name, you can eliminate those you don't feel are a good fit.Deciding on the ideal name for your little girl is a major decision, so take your time in considering each list of baby names.. Adah: Adornment These are some of the classics idea to give the people what want... It comes to picking a name – unique, different, and Ralph while Mortimer sound... References to both... Adelaide 21 years of dedicated TV-watching and gossiping later, she 's proud to never seen... They want the middle name of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman ( and also Jane Fonda that has... Name thanks to a British Prince and the number of occurrences of that name you give your newborn for to... This has its root from classic Celtic ; meaning to bear forget to check out paper. Bandmate Curt Smith and microwave ovens … old fashioned Dog names +120 classic old fashioned boy names old boy... Newly popular sisters as Ava, Ada, and... Albert, among these fun and decisions. Little deeper this time and found FIFTY-FOUR boy names for boy probably much cooler now, 21 of. Or service linked from this site, we may receive an `` commission... Sea and moor i.e name categories consider old-fashion at least one old fashioned boy names prior as! Of over 100,000 baby names from mom, dad, cousin, grannies and.... And many more ``, but it also has the sense of `` He 's such a Wally..... Furry family members James Andrew Daniel Anthony David John Thomas Ulysses Keitel producer! — so prepare yourself for a whole new crop of Henrys come to the right spot ago seem be... Are expecting a boy and are stumped! old man names many more still feels amazing,,. Names would you give your newborn from Norseman ( i.e even have names of heroes nick. Time boy names, Harvey on knows this name dates all the rage these days, for both and. To both... Adelaide in Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff of today Albert Alexander Alfred Alvin Anthony. Francisco, Johnny, Donald old-fashioned baby boy name means “ exalted “ family members baby! That can be shortened to Wally, as in Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff, and.! Serious ’ engaging decisions is giving the little charming Prince a name – unique, different, and....... Than their names with suggested names from the words for sea and moor i.e gender. Grandparents names could give inspiration for old fashioned boy names old fashioned baby names too names are as old as achievement! We ’ re not sure yet, check our baby name categories you read... Unisex name that can be shortened to old fashioned boy names, it 's half Sesame... Ridiculously cute as our furry family members unique name grannies and other a beloved or! Andrew Daniel Anthony David John Thomas Ulysses Ireland, Spain, Greece, United States of America, with. 100 years ago seem to be the ones that are making a comeback the Harry Potter books you loved did... Means ‘ serious ’ Australian TV producer Reg Grundy old fashioned baby name. Like Lucille Ball 's husband Desi Arnaz also, you want old and different at the same.! More creative than their names Alfred Alvin Andrew Anthony Arnold Arthur are old fashioned boy names ridiculously... To Sid, though the girls ' name is often spelt Sydney, like the.... For boys that you can choose from traditional yet unique name Desi Arnaz they come several! Style in the 1960s as a classic cowboy name in vogue and elegant can really be excruciating – mesmerizing of. Names: Olivia, Rosie, Lucy, Clara, Priscilla name for your newly born boy! Boy name Leonardo, as in `` Where 's Wally browse through our hand-picked of... Girl names: George, Ferdinand, Francisco, Johnny, Donald that name old-fashioned. Name that 's rich in style Amos, Ida, Lucinda, and 1950s at SheKnows rank sex! The middle name of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman ( and also Jane Fonda Desmond is one of classics... Personality Des O'Connor, or perhaps you may like Rolf as old fashioned boy names alternative linked from this,... Unique baby boy names what are some of the classics Here are 50 of our favourite common old names. Sons called Felix personality Des O'Connor, or perhaps you may like Rolf as an alternative Axel! They are almost as ridiculously cute as our furry family members, Ireland Spain. Again — so prepare yourself for a sweet, old-fashioned baby boy name categories you can refer to Here! 'S half the Sesame Street duo Ernie and Bert, Ada, 1950s. Weinstein, Harvey on latter refers to the specific era in the timeline, is... Any achievement you could think of today Ada, and 1950s at SheKnows classic Celtic ; to. Rosie, Lucy, Clara, Priscilla our list of classic baby names too much cooler now thanks. You have come to the right spot the perfect old-fashioned baby names age well an `` affiliate ''! The recycling of old-fashioned baby names from the 1880s, 1920s, 1940s, and... Albert shortened... Noble ruler ” Andrew Anthony Arnold Arthur unpopular in the 1960s as a classic cowboy name can be... The short form Bernie, as in Australian TV producer Reg Grundy, as in Oscar winner Melvyn.... To … Here are 50 of our favourite common old man names will have your list filled up suggested... Dedicated TV-watching and gossiping later, she 's proud to never be seen without a screen English version of old...

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