Since the agreement obtained is not in dispute, you can use our package for fixed royalty separation. Separation agreements are most often used by couples or life partners who are considering divorce or dissolution, but do not want to make such an irrevocable decision in haste. A marriage agreement is a document in which a couple explains how their wealth, debt, income and other assets should be distributed if they divorce in the future. Our package of pre-marital agreements with fixed fees is suitable for couples who have already entered into an agreement and who do not have complex assets such as real estate or foreign investments. A separation agreement can be used to address a number of important issues in the event of financial separation. Among other things, it can be used to create a legally binding agreement on the following: Our fixed price is 1,500 USD – VAT (300 USD). 1,800.00 euros in total. There are two compelling reasons why a separation agreement can be a good idea, except that in the first 12 months of a marriage or partnership, one cannot aspire to a divorce or dissolution. For example: That is why we recommend that you use separation agreement lawyers to establish a separation agreement. Our separation lawyers have the experience of understanding the protection you need and designing the agreement as clearly as possible.

This is all the more important since their separation contract should be subject to jurisdiction if you want to divorce or break a life partnership if it can be the subject of a legally binding approval decision. Simplicity`s lawyers understand the importance of a peaceful solution to financial separation. Our competent, friendly and responsive lawyers and mediators will advise you on out-of-court settlement of disputes and help you find an amicable solution. For all out-of-year work, we will send you an invoice of 50% of our expenses (and any expenses) before starting our work, which must be paid before we start our work, and an invoice for the remaining 50% of our fees just before the end of our work, which must be paid before completing our work. Have your separation contract established by qualified lawyers for a fixed fee that is advantageous to you. There is no need to visit the preliminary courts or our offices. You save more than £750 by providing this service through the hiring of lawyers. They are also used by people who, for religious reasons, do not want to divorce, or who cannot yet divorce or who have their life partnership dissolved because they have not reached the 12-month mark. Separation agreements define your financial agreements while you live separately and generally cover areas such as: Separation agreements are not legally binding per se.