„customer agreement,“ an agreement that a party, as a distributor, presents to subscribers to subscribe to the products of its primary party. In the case of Vivint Solar as the main party, solar systems are sold under one of the following customer agreements: – any material default under the distributor`s agreements with its financial partners; 16.4 Reciprocal agreements. Contracting parties are aware that each party may have access to customer and business information related to the other party as a service provider under this agreement or other agreements already concluded between the contracting parties. The parties agree that the conditions for the ownership of product data under this agreement take over from the conditions relating to the ownership of product data under all previous agreements. That the primary party or any other person „supports“ the solar services of the accounts of a competing company or that it has acquired the account of such a customer from a competing company; 2.4 Vivivint products. Vivint Solar will sell Vivint products in the form of an agreement that Vivint has made available to its salespeople for use in the relevant jurisdictions in the territory. Vivint Solar will make an economically reasonable effort to enable the new Joint Customers operating a SPA to finance the products of both parties through Vivint Solar`s financial product offering, subject to the agreement of Vivint Solar`s financial partners. NEOSUN offers many opportunities to learn more about the different technologies and trends of solar energy. Installers, salespeople or facility builders: we offer continuous training and a webinar to help you meet all customer requirements. I am very pleased to be the partner of the company with the loom Solar Indias No. 1 solar production company (f) the depositor party of an oral or written contract or an agreement under which it has committed or agreed to sell, sell, transfer or otherwise sell its right to sell, sell, transfer or sell its property or its shareholding; and launch your business into just 1 ac 1 unit module, India`s first solar panel that produces ac electricity that can be sold to any home in our country or by purchasing Rs.

25,000 – Rs. 1.00,000 /product as a demonstration unit. AEE Solar is a distribution company that offers wholesale solar products to solar installers and licensed retailers. AEE does not sell directly to individual consumers or owners, but is happy to provide recommendations to our partners. Click on this link if you are interested in a recommendation to one of our partners close to you. „solar systems,“ standard solar modules, inverters, rackings, storage devices, consumer devices and other components of Vivint Solar. We offer a wide range of advanced solar products with technical know-how, marketing systems, management methods and all the relevant information to make your business successful. Our merchants are more than land owners; It is our business partners who share the same vision and passion. In addition, we offer an economic model, a brand identity and a brand that have value in the eyes of customers. You don`t need to reinvent the wheel to succeed. 12.8Everything merchant. Each party agrees that the selling costs that this party must pay under this contracting party will be at least as advantageous as those which must be paid to the other merchants of that party in the area in question, on the same channel, which provide a substantially similar volume, and on the basis of conditions and obligations substantially similar to those provided for that purpose.