Workers at the Hamilton and Nanticoke plants, Ont. the steelmaker, agreed to ratify new collective agreements, removing the last major hurdle in the restructuring process proposed by Stelco Inc. employees in Nanticoke and Hamilton for a new collective agreement from potential acquirer Bedrock Industries Group LLC. Nanticoke employees, who own United Steelworkers Local 8782 and work at two plants, voted in favor of the new deal at 86 percent and 89 percent on Friday, while Hamilton employees owned by United Steelworkers Local 1005 voted 64 percent in favor on Tuesday. Read: The optimistic union of the U.S. steel deal could be a „good final deal“ for the Retired Lake Erie Works plant at 86 percent for the deal and Lake Erie Works Pickling Plant was 89 percent for. Nanticoke steelmakers strongly supported a collective agreement with Stelco`s potential acquirer, Bedrock, leaving Hamilton Local 1005 employees as the final part of the complex sale agreement. 1005 local members will vote on Tuesday on the new collective agreement with their potential future leader. Read: The sale of Stelco approaches the possible dissolution as employees vote on collective agreements The Nanticoke agreement with local 8782 puts all the OPEBs. For Hamilton, they are only about 70% restored. HAMILTON, NANTICOKE, Ont.

– Members of United Steelworkers (ETC) in Stelco have ratified new collective agreements, milestones in the steelmaker`s plan to emerge from almost three years of insolvency protection. Nearly 90 per cent of Local 8782 members in Nanticoke voted in favour of a new collective agreement at the end of last week, while 64 per cent of the approximately 500 union employees at the Hamilton plant in Stelco voted in favour of a new collective agreement on June 6. Local 1005 presented the agreements to the current steelmakers on Wednesday and will present to retirees on Thursday. Pensioners do not receive a vote, but current steelmakers will vote on June 6. Voting will take place this week for Local 8782 members representing Nanticoke Wokers. The new collective agreement for Nanticoke employees provides for an additional $US 1.33 per hour per worker as soon as the company leaves the restructuring of the Associated Agreements-Creditor Agreements Act, as indicated in a document published on the Local Union`s website. Workers would also benefit from an increase in their subsistence allowance and those with 30 years or more of service would be served 15 weeks of paid leave in addition to their normal allowance. Union members at the Hamilton and Nanticoke plants, Ont. ratified new collective agreements, removing the last major obstacle to the acquisition of the secular steelmaker by the American holding company Bedrock Industries Group LLC.

Bedrock Industries wanted to buy Stelco`s steelworks, it was said. No one else seems to be about to take off and with the agreement, they do not lose any wages or benefits. United Steelworkers Local 1005 has entered into a new collective agreement with Stelco`s pending owner, Bedrock Industries, which removed the last major obstacle in a mega-restructuring contract to free the steelmaker from creditor protection. The ratification of the collective agreements was an important condition for Bedrock to obtain judicial approval of its plan to purchase the former Steel Canada plants in Hamilton and Nanticoke, which now operate under their original name Stelco.